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Feb: Notice to ALL Exhibitors


**GCCFSA requires all exhibitors to abide by the Show Rules and the Code of Ethics for Exhibitors - any disregard may incur penalties. Any issues must be dealt with on the day.**

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1 Exhibitors must always be considerate of other exhibitors and must behave in a quiet and orderly manner throughout the show.

2 Exhibitors will:

2.1 Show due courtesy and respect to the Show Manager and/or Committee of the day.

2.2 Carry out any directive given by the Show Manager, or any who hold office both at Club or Governing Council level, in a pleasant and co-operative manner.

2.3 Comply with all Governing Council Show rules.

2.4 Desist from any unnecessary complaints.

2.5 Display a pleasant and friendly attitude to other exhibitors and congratulate the winners.

2.6 Hold the Judge in the highest respect and treat him/her in like manner.

6 Any offender will be asked to leave the area by the Judge or Show Manager.

6.1 If the request is ignored the Judge or Show Manager has the right to disqualify that exhibitor's cat/s.

7 No unsportsmanlike behaviour will be tolerated, and the Club could reserve the right to refuse any future entries from any offender.

13 The Code of Ethics is part of the Show Rules and any disregard may incur penalties.