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    Group 4 Cat of the Year Scores GCCFSA


    Cat of the Year Progress 2024

    Last updated 2024-07-01 13:52:49

    Group 4Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints
    KittensBeezkneez AmbroseBritish ShorthairM. Johnson94
     Eyecandy Mustang ShelbyAmerican ShorthairJ. Lawrence65
     Brexdale Lavender BlueBritish ShorthairL. Smith52
     Brexdale Mister ParksBritish ShorthairL. Smith50
     Alyman Duke PaddingtonAmerican ShorthairD. Skulteti37
     Brexdale Gloucester TedBritish ShorthairL. Smith28
     Belantine EnchantedBritish ShorthairS. Hockley17
    Entire CatsMessina Purple RainBritish ShorthairT. Covino37
     Beezkneez ErnieBritish ShorthairL. Smith37
     Brexdale My Girl LollipopSelkirk Rex LHL. Smith37
     Brexdale Bows ButtonsBritish ShorthairL. Smith35
     Eyecandy Vin DieselAmerican ShorthairJ. Lawrence32
     Alyman Sweet CarolineAmerican ShorthairA. Ongley17
     Xianhuis Sweetie Camellia Boy (DE)British ShorthairT. Yu15
     Messina Send Me An AngelBritish ShorthairT. Covino13
     Sharad Sir LancelotBritish ShorthairP. Kimpton7
    Neuter CatsSiratsa Atticus FinchScottish FoldW. Sierp94
     Aussieblue Jaks BuddyBritish ShorthairJ. Jordan84
      Killara Sherherds DelightSelkirk RexJ. Jordan69
     Belantine Ricciardos DreamBritish ShorthairS. Hockley50
     Rebuss Wassa Tellin TailsCyrmicC. Coombs35