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2018 GCCFSA AGM – New faces & thank you’s

At the GCCFSA AGM on Tuesday 23rd January, we said thank you and goodbye to some of our office bearers who have served GCCFSA well and we welcomed some new faces. The office holders for 2018 are:

Chair: Christine Young 

Secretary: Fiona Hawkins

Treasurer: Nigel Edwards 

Registrar - Gr3 & Experimental: Judith Russack

Registrar - Gr2: Christine Bentley 

Registrar - Gr1,4,5,6: Rebecca Kuss

Honours: Melanie Wood

Prefix: Fiona Hawkins

Membership: Debbie Neville

Point Scorer: Margy Wright

Governing Council Representative: Melanie Wood

Webmaster: Fiona Hawkins

The website is being updated with all new positions and new email addresses will be available for all registrars.

All members should note that there have been fee increases and these will also be available on the website shortly.

To our outgoing office bearers - thank you for your time, experience and efforts on behalf of GCCFSA. You are appreciated.


2018 GCCFSA Annual General Meeting


Tuesday 23rd January 2018

8pm @ NCWSA House, 95 South Terrace, Adelaide

Nomination form / AGM Agenda

Nominations close Friday 19th January - to be sent to Agenda closed Monday 16th January 2018 and has been sent to Delegates.

Observers are welcome to attend the AGM  [Dec 17]