Show Calendar for GCCFSA

The 2020 Show Calendar... providing exhibitors with show schedules and information

Further information about each show will be available from the contact listed below or from the GCCFSA Secretary, Fiona Hawkins 8321 9255. Show schedules and information are updated as required. If you require a hard copy of a schedule please contact the Club contact listed against each show. This calendar may be subject to change.

Entry form_covid (pdf) - download PDF form to be used for GCCFSA shows by all exhibitors from July 2020 [Jul 20]

Entry form (docx) - download word version to be used for GCCFSA shows by all exhibitors [Jan 19]

COVID questionnaire (docx) - download word version if you are using the word version of the entry form [Jul 20]

Titles & classes information (pdf) - download for a guide on titles and how to upgrade to the next level, and what class to enter [Jan 20] or click here



*The 2020 show year is facing unprecedented challenges and GCCFSA is adhering to the State and National Health Guidelines. We are working within these guidelines in an effort to restart the show year and the calendar below is to be considered preliminary. Should GCCFSA and its Affiliated Clubs be able to provide a cat show, all members and exhibitors will be advised and schedules distributed.

*It should be noted that cat shows will look different to ensure a safe, healthy and hygienic environment for all involved. This may include the use of local judges over interstate judges due to travel restrictions, semi-closed shows to provide social distancing for judges and workers, increased use of disinfectants and hand-sanitisers, kitchens with packaged foods only, closed to public, social media streaming, changes to use of local judges rule etc.

*RULE RESCINDED FOR JUL-DEC 2020: Judges should allow at least two (2) Governing Council shows between like assignments at any SA shows - applies to local and interstate judges


Last updated 14.11.2020 - GCCFSA

DateClubVenueGov BodyScheduleClosesContactEmail
2020 - 22 NovCats Christmas Show & Group 5/6 Speciality ShowCANCELLEDGCCFSA8 Nov 2020CANCELLED
2021 - 21 FebFASA Summer ShowVirginia Community CentreFASAFASA
2021 - 7 MarGCCFSA Kitten & Neuter Bonanza – 3 Ring ShowCosgrove Hall, Clovelly ParkGCCFSASec – GCCFSA
2021 - 21 MarFestival City Cat ClubVirginia Community CentreFASAFASA
2021 - 4 AprFASA Easter ShowWoodvilleFASAFASA
2021 - 18 AprAdelaide Cat Club & Group 1 Specialty ShowCosgrove Hall, Clovelly ParkGCCFSASec – H Gordon
2021 - 1&2 MayAdelaide Animal ExpoAdelaide ShowgroundsKJEX
2021 - 9 MayCat Fancier’s Society of SAGCCFSASec – J Russack
2021 - 16 MayFancy Felines SASt Pauls, Gilles PlainsFASAFASA
2021 - 30 MayTandanya Cat Club Memorial ShowCosgrove Hall, Clovelly ParkGCCFSASec – N Evans
2021 - 12&13 JunACF National ShowMelbourneACFACF
2021 - 27 JunFASA Annual ShowSt Pauls, Gilles PlainsFASAFASA
2021 - 11 JulGCCFSA Golden Awards hosted by All British Cat SocietyCosgrove Hall, Clovelly ParkGCCFSAGCCFSA
2021 - 18 JulCCCA National ShowBrisbaneCCCACCCA
2021 - 1 AugForeign Shorthair Cat ClubCosgrove Hall, Clovelly ParkGCCFSAC O’Brien
2021 - 15 AugFASA Winter ShowSt Pauls, Gilles PlainsFASAFASA
2021 - 29 AugSiamese Cat ClubSt Pauls, Gilles PlainsFASAFASA
2021 - 3-12 SepRoyal Adelaide ShowAdelaide ShowgroundsGCCFSAGCCFSA
2021 - 26 SepFASA Spring ShowSt Pauls, Gilles PlainsFASAFASA
2021 - 10 OctSACBA Championship & Speciality Group 2 RingCosgrove Hall, Clovelly ParkGCCFSASec – SACBA
2021 - 24 OctRex & Burmese Cat FanciersGCCFSASec – D Dolman
2021 - 7 NovFASA Crazy Cat CapersFASAFASA