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The Siamese is the most extrovert of cats, demonstrative, noisy, vocal and active and, though some claim it is not the ideal cat for those who cherish peace and quiet, there are many Siamese cats that are very gentle and quiet. This very intelligent cat has an elusive character. It demands a great deal of devoted attention from its owner. It has an inquisitive nature, adores playing hide-and-seek, and can be funny, even facetious, especially if it has an appreciative audience. Very agile, yet it is obedient and will go for walks on a lead and follow its owner around the house as a dog will do. It may be friendly to some strangers and totally indifferent to others. It is very "talkative" and will carry on conversations with an owner who is willing to listen.

AMARIN Siamese, Balinese & Foreign White

Catherine Gunson
0411 441 579

*DACO registered GCCFSA Breeder 2018-19

BRUGEE Burmese & Siamese

Trixie Pettman–South
08 8337 3705

*Advice only - on all breeds

MOCKINGJAY Tonkinese, Siamese & Burmese

Lee & Dan Nesbitt
0403 042 446

*Our cats are part of our family and would love to join yours!
*GCCFSA Accredited CATTERY 2018-21
*DACO registered GCCFSA Breeder 2018-19

TEMPLETON Siamese, Balinese & Foreign White

Matthew & Melanie Wood
0407 900 322

*GCCFSA Accredited CATTERY 2015-18
*DACO registered GCCFSA Breeder 2018-19


*GCCFSA registered prefix

CatPad Enclosures

Jenny Coats
0417 861 781
0418 852 951

Custom Built ‘Resorts’ for Cats!
• CatPad enclosures is your ‘local’ choice – servicing Adelaide metropolitan and surrounds
• Affordable prices
• Free on site appraisals and quotes
• Quality construction by our licensed builder/owner
• Professional before and after service
• Custom made to suit your needs and property design
• Supporting responsible cat management across South Australia

SHIMMEREE Siamese & Oriental

Eryn Hoare
08 8254 7110
0413 691 586

*DACO registered GCCFSA Breeder 2018-19