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The "Peter Pan" of the cat world, this breed is renowned for its great personality. A gentle "hooligan", sweet natured, lively, playful, extremely friendly towards people and good with children. Highly intelligent with a more stable temperament than the Siamese, easily trained, very trusting and a great explorer, as mischievous at ten years old as it was at ten weeks. Afraid of very little and will give a grand welcome to human strangers but it can be reservedly territorial towards unfamiliar cats and other animals. The Burmese's trust, lack of fear and love of exploring can lead it into many dangers from ovens and washing machines to cars and roadways. Loves attention and company, without being too demanding. Hates being left alone for any length of time, but happy if it has another cat or a dog for company while its owner is at work.


Claire Edwards
08 8271 5317


Advice given only - on all breeds.


Mrs D Dolman & Mr CT Plessnig
08 8447 2489
0412 051 766

Kittens house trained and reared.
Specialising in the colours.
Studs available.

BRUGEE Burmese & Siamese

Trixie Pettman–South
08 8337 3705

Advice given only - on all breeds.

DENSUE Burmese

Suzanne & Dennis Ashby
0409 677 610

Breeding beautiful show cats and pets for indoor homes only.

MOCKINGJAY Tonkinese, Siamese & Burmese

Lee & Dan Nesbitt
0403 042 446

Our cats are part of our family and would love to join yours!

BEVOLIN Burmese & Devon Rex

Beverley Dustan
08 8520 3112 after 8pm
0414 687 712

DACO Breeder Registration No GCSA245

CatPad Enclosures

Jenny Coats
0417 861 781
0418 852 951

Custom Built ‘Resorts’ for Cats!
• CatPad enclosures is your ‘local’ choice – servicing Adelaide metropolitan and surrounds
• Affordable prices
• Free on site appraisals and quotes
• Quality construction by our licensed builder/owner
• Professional before and after service
• Custom made to suit your needs and property design
• Supporting responsible cat management across South Australia