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This cat may have a "wild cat" appearance, but there is nothing wild about its temperament, as this is a gentle and loving breed. Outgoing and highly intelligent, sometimes reserved and dignified, this breed is fairly independent and will often keep its distance, especially with strangers, although some Abyssinians are very sociable. Passionately attached and very faithful to its owner, often jealous of other cats in the household (but not aggressive), it rarely gets into fights. Very active and loves playing games. An athletic cat, built to run, climb and scale trees but will adapt well even to accommodation without a garden, especially if allowed to jump and climb. An ideal companion with an extremely quiet voice. Good with children. Doesn't like being left on its own or being confined to small areas for long periods. SOMALI: Gentle, affectionate & lively, like the Abyssinian from which this longhaired cat was developed.

Abyssinian & Somali SEVERO

Leo Pugliese & Melissa Neumann
0411 207 012
0412 800 293

*GCCFSA registered prefix

Abyssinian & Somali VIVACE

Evelyn & Rita Bruche
0455 503 949

*Facebook: VivaceSomalis
*Dedicated to the breeds since 1998
*Pet photography also available - www.facebook.com/SomaliritaCatsnaps/
*DACO registered GCCFSA Breeder 2018-19

CatPad Enclosures

Jenny & Peter Coats
0417 861 781
0418 852 951

Custom Built ‘Resorts’ for Cats!
• CatPad enclosures is your ‘local’ choice – servicing Adelaide metropolitan and surrounds
• Affordable prices
• Free on site appraisals and quotes
• Quality construction by our licensed builder/owner
• Professional before and after service
• Custom made to suit your needs and property design
• Supporting responsible cat management across South Australia