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This charming cat is sensible, gentle and sweet natured. It loves people, including strangers, and is good with other animals and children. Makes a loving, placid pet, with a great personality, being sociable, happy and playful as a kitten all its life. Strong and particularly resistant to disease. Comes in short haired and long haired varieties.

British Shorthair & Scottish Fold MIRIELLA

Natarcha Berquist
0410 924 466

*DACO registered GCCFSA Breeder 2020-21

CatPad Enclosures

Jenny & Peter Coats
0417 861 781
0418 852 951

Custom Built ‘Resorts’ for Cats!
• CatPad enclosures is your ‘local’ choice – servicing Adelaide metropolitan and surrounds
• Affordable prices
• Free on site appraisals and quotes
• Quality construction by our licensed builder/owner
• Professional before and after service
• Custom made to suit your needs and property design
• Supporting responsible cat management across South Australia


Melissa Neumann

*Purrparazzi is the collaboration of photographic expertise of two of South Australia’s Best Cat Photographers – Melissa Neumann and Rita Bruche.
*It’s important for breeders to be able to promote their cats on social media and on their websites. Their collaboration will provide images that can be used freely to promote the importance of pedigree cats.
*Copyrights remains with the photographers, but the watermarked images are available for free download for the good of the entire community. Non-watermarked images are also available for a small fee.
*Please support these photographers where you can so they can continue to provide this service to our community.

*The Cat Photographer - Melissa Neumann
*Somalirita CatSnaps - Rita Bruche